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Need something for your little ones to do? Try this photo scavenger hunt!

I know this stay-at-home order has got us all a little crazy so if you need something for your kids to do send them out with your phone (if you dare) or whatever they have to take pictures on and try to find all of these!

1. Sleeping pet/animal.

2. Red bird.

3. Purple flower

4. Reflection in a puddle.

5. Person with an umbrella.

6. Spider web.

7. Toilet paper roll tower.

8. Vine climbing a wall or tree.

9. Acorn.

10. Yellow leaf.

11. Person cooking.

12. Person drawing/painting/coloring.

13. Person reading.

14. Christmas decoration.

15. Easter decoration.

16. License plate with the letter "q" in it.

17. Yellow car.

18. Cookie cutter.

19. Dice.

20. Safety pin.

Good luck!

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