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High School Seniors

When should we do the session? We photograph high school seniors all year long; some choose to do their senior portrait session before they start their senior year and others do it the Spring before they graduate. It’s up to you!

Where should we do the session? We offer studio, outdoor, and combined location sessions.

What should they wear? We recommend one casual outfit of the senior’s choosing, one dressier outfit and then if the senior plays a sport or has a hobby or interest they would like reflected in their session we can do something with those as well. The important thing is to personalize the session!

Do you do the drape/tux shots for the yearbook? We do!

How long will the session take? About an hour, longer for combined location sessions.

When do we see our portraits? About a week after your session you will return to the studio to view and choose the portraits you want to order. Anyone who is a part of the decision-making process should be there. Payment is due when ordering and portraits will be ready in about two weeks.

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