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Where should we do our session? Studio or outdoors, the location is up to you! If you have a spot in mind that’s fine; otherwise we are happy to make suggestions.

What should we wear? Some families choose to match (for example, everyone in white shirts and jeans) while others prefer a coordinated but non-matching look. The important thing is to look like you all belong together and aren’t just a bunch of strangers that spontaneously took a picture together.  :) Solid colors are always good. On the beach there is a lot of latitude with color choices but for a shoot in a park steer away from white and other pastel tones.

What happens if we are planning an outdoor photoshoot and it rains on the day of our session? First, let's make the final call a couple of hours before the session time; weather can change quickly! But if the weather is not conducive to an outdoor session we can either go to the studio or reschedule for another day; there is no charge to reschedule!

How long will the session take? About an hour.

When do we see our portraits? About a week after your session you will return to the studio to view and choose the portraits you want to order. Anyone who is a part of the decision-making process should be there. Payment is due when ordering and portraits will be ready in about two weeks.

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