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When is the best time to do a newborn session? Ideally the newborn session takes place when your baby is 7-10 days old; they are still sleepy enough to stay calm through different poses and prop changes.

When should we schedule their session with you? If you are reading this while you are still pregnant go ahead and get in touch with us! We’ll talk about your session and I’ll make a note of your due date; when the baby arrives you can call me and set up the session. If your baby has already been born let’s get you scheduled as soon as possible!

What should we bring? Do you provide the blankets, hats and props or is that up to us? All you need to bring is the baby! We have many different blankets, wraps, hats, headbands and props. But if you have a special item, like a blanket or a stuffed animal, that you’d like included in the session please feel free to bring it; we are happy to incorporate personal items into your session to make it special for you.

Does it cost more to do a family portrait as part of the session? It does not! If Mom, Dad (and any siblings) would like to be in some portraits please just let us know and we will plan for that to be part of your session.

What should WE wear? We recommend a black long-sleeved shirt for both parents, simple and slimming. :) But you’re not limited to that! I’ve also captured very nice portraits for families wearing white and other light tones. Siblings can wear similar tones to parents.

How long will the session take? Some newborn portraits sessions run as long as three hours, depending on how well the baby sleeps. If there is an older sibling (or siblings) we will get portraits with them first; then they can go play in the waiting room (we have lots of toys and books!) or if a grandparent or friend can drive separately and take them home that’s sometimes what works best as well.

When do we see our portraits? About a week after your session you will return to the studio to view and choose the portraits you want to order. Anyone who is a part of the decision-making process should be there. Payment is due when ordering and portraits will be ready in about two weeks.

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