Hiring a newborn photographer? Here's what to look for:

You're having a baby, congratulations! You've seen those adorable newborn photos on-line and you want to capture those moments for your own baby. But there are so many newborn photographers out there; how do you know where to start? Here are a few tips!

  1. Decide if you want lifestyle newborn portraits or a session. Lifestyle sessions are generally done in your home and are less posed; studio sessions are, as the name implies, usually done in a photography studio! And more posing is done with the baby.

2. Ask the photographer you are considering about their experience with newborns. Newborn photography is a very specific genre and photographers who are experienced in working with them will be able to tell you in detail about when you should bring the baby and what they do to work with the baby and soothe them during the session.

3. Ask how flexible they are. Do they charge extra to photograph siblings and parents? Is it okay if grandma wants to get in on a portrait? Do they let you bring your own props or items to personalize the session?

4. Finally, do they seem excited to work with you and your baby? Newborn photographers usually love what they do and can't wait to do your session! Find a photographer who is passionate about their work!

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