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5 tips for a successful newborn session

Congratulations on your new baby! You've seen those sweet images of newborns and want to get some of those portraits for your baby too. But when? Where? What should you bring? Here are some tips! 1. Newborns do best when they are under 2 weeks old; older than that and they start being more awake and harder to settle for those sweet, curled-up portraits.

2. Where should we do them? Some photographers (like me) have a studio that's set up for newborn portraits with blankets, wraps, and props. Other photographers specialize in in-home "lifestyle" portraits for your newborn. Which do you prefer? 3. What should we bring? Items such as blankets and stuffed animals personalize the session and make it meaningful to you. But at Anne Companion Photography we also have everything you need for a successful newborn session. Just bring the baby! 4. How long will the session take? Newborn sessions can take 2-3 hours, depending on how well the baby sleeps and whether they are fussy and calm. Awake and calm is fine for portraits too! 5. Can we do a family portrait too? You should! Mom, Dad, baby, siblings all together make for a wonderful portrait. See some samples below!

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