Continuing with our "tips" series; today we have 5 tips for your family portrait session! I often hear from people things like "we need family pictures; we haven't had them done since the kids were little!" Kids change so fast; you should try to update your family portraits every 2-3 years (bonus tip)! Now for the tips:

1. Location, location, location! Studio or outdoors, the setting is up to you! If you have a spot in mind that’s fine; otherwise we are happy to make suggestions. Think about what suits your family and their style.

2. What should you wear? Some families choose to match (for example, everyone in white shirts and jeans as seen above) while others prefer a coordinated but non-matching look (below). The important thing is to look like you all belong together and aren’t just a bunch of strangers that spontaneously took a picture together.  :) Solid colors are always good. On the beach there is a lot of latitude with color choices but for a shoot in a park steer away from white and very light colors.

3. Don't forget the furry members of your family! Incorporating pets into a family session is always a great idea, especially outdoors! Be sure to check that pets are allowed at the location you're planning to do your portraits at.

4. Consider time of day. The "golden hour" just after sunrise and just before sunset is considered the ideal time for outdoor sessions but if your family members are not early birds, or if you've got a little one that has a firm early bedtime consider a studio session, or a different time of year when the sun rises later and sets earlier. Consider the location too; you will often lose daylight sooner in a park with lots of trees than at the beach.

5. Finally, relax! Family portraits shouldn't be stressful. If the kids are less than cooperative or it's way windier than you thought it would be just roll with it! A good photographer will work with the circumstances on any given day. And most photographers have a re-shoot policy if everything really does just fall apart the day of your shoot. Now schedule those family portraits!

This school year is starting out unlike any other but we can still have some normalcy in our lives! Presenting "school portraits" for your kids, Saturday November 19th and Saturday October 3rd at our studio in downtown Hampton. Sessions are $50 and that will include a package of one 8x10 and two 5x7s. Add-ons and additional packages will be available for purchase. Parents will have a choice between a fall-themed and a neutral background. Schedule here!

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Congratulations! You've got a growing bump and you're thinking about some maternity portraits to capture this fleeting time in your life. Here are some tips to make it amazing!

1. Decide if you want to do studio or outdoor portraits. Each has it's own charms; you just have to decide which is more "you!" And of course if want to do portraits in a studio choose a photographer that has one (many photographers work on-location only).

2. Wondering if you should have your spouse/partner be a part of the session? What about your old kids? It can be all about you (you are about to give birth after all) or you can incorporate the rest of your family too!

3. When should you do your maternity session? When you are 7-8 months pregnant is idea; you are big enough to have a nice bump but not so far along that you are totally exhausted and it shows.

4. What should I wear? Fitted clothes that show off your bump are always good; maternity gowns are another wonderful choice; you can expose your belly, or not! (We have lots of gowns at Anne Companion Photography!).

Consider professional hair and makeup. You want to look your very best for your photo shoot so why not let a professional enhance your best features and make you feel gorgeous!

And of course stay cool and rested the day of your photo shoot! (bonus tip).

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